Between Love and Money - J J Perry


Martin Filson

is the nom de plume of J J Perry, used on this, the first novel, published when he was still in the full time practice of cardiology.

Brief Synopsis

Ann Kelley is the bright and caring future of medicine, a physician in training who falls in love with  Jon Canard, a cardiologist in practice. Interrupting their happiness is a potentially fatal illness she acquires. Her life can be saved, if she receives the treatment needed.  Canard''s former partners and hospital leaders, having become enemies,  build barriers to getting care. Financial and ethical conflicts of today’s medical system are highlighted in this struggle for life and contrast with some of the most powerful positive attributes of mankind.  

More about the book

This is Perry’s first novel, self published in 2007. It is fiction and not remotely autobiographical.  Readers find the story compelling and enlightening.  The majority of those who read it rate it highly.  It's a requiem of the period when treating patients was foremost and when insurance companies and administrators had far less sway than the current era and our foreseeable future.  It's also a statement about how contentious the inner workings of medical practice can become.

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